The Best WordPress Website Builders 2024

See the WordPress Website Builders used by both beginners and professional web developers to generate beautiful website theme layouts. Drag and drop WordPress site builders also have live editing and require minimal to no coding knowledge.

WordPress allows you to create a blog or build a website with ease. It is a content management system that powers over 60 million websites. This makes WordPress the most popular and recommended blogging system.

WordPress users install a theme that suits their niche. Then add plugins to extend the features and functionality of their WordPress website. On the WordPress platform, you can do this for free. But you can also go for a more professional website by buying premium themes.

WordPress Builders receive constant updating with more features and customization options. Web page builders are powerful tools to assist users to create pixel-perfect designs. With drag and drop builders, you can control almost every narrative of your website. You can place every detail, feature, and design in locations of your choice. All you do is move elements from one place to the next and design web pages. 

Top WordPress Page Builders 2022

01. Divi Builder by Elegant Themes

best drag and drop WordPress page builder

Divi Builder is a powerful WordPress Website Builder.

Elegant Themes comprises WordPress enthusiasts with a shared desire and passion for creating simple sites. These enthusiasts are the producer and developers of Divi Builder. It is an easy to use drag and drop WordPress page builder.

It comes with various modern layouts. Divi Builder replaces the standard WordPress editor with a drag and drop editor. It is suitable for professional website site designers or novices. It is powerful and efficient and a great tool to build incredible websites.  

Get started with the Divi Builder today.

Divi Features  

Elegant Themes provides plugins to increase the features of your Divi-built website. The Divi theme works in conjunction with the Divi Builder plugin. But the Divi Builder is compatible with other WordPress themes too. Divi Builder is very advanced. It enhances WordPress website design to a new level of creativity. Use Divi Theme Builder to design unique category, post, header, and footer layouts. Besides this, the Divi WooCommerce Modules extends your online store design. You get the ability to create beautiful e-commerce websites with unique layouts. This also puts Divi in the list of the best page builder for WooCommerce.

Use Divi Builder to visually build WordPress websites using drag and drop technology. You can build your website in real-time and see your changes from the front end.  

Plugins for sharing and increasing subscriptions. Bloom plugin helps you to generate repeat customers with its email opt-in capabilities. Monarch plugin aids your social media marketing plan. You can use it to add social sharing buttons in several areas of your website. 

Two WordPress theme options you can choose between. Divi WordPress theme is a premium theme. Use it as the frame to customize any kind of website to your liking. Extra WordPress theme is a framework for building dynamic magazine-like websites.  

WordPress Templates are included in the Divi Builder. These pre-made layouts accommodate several business models. Use them as a basis to create any page or post layout you want no matter your trade.  

Divi for WooCommerce was recently enhanced. Elegant Themes added a new and welcoming online store feature to Divi. With the Divi WooCommerce Modules, you can edit and style WooCommerce. This special feature allows store owners to customize WooCommerce shop pages and product layouts.  

To learn more about Divi Builder Plugin features visit the website

Divi Reviews   

Divi is easy to use but it comprises many options making it a bit overwhelming at times.

You can create reusable templates with Divi. Save your custom page templates in the Divi Library and use them again on another part of your website. 

Learning to use Divi is hassle-free with Divi’s WordPress Tutorial and complete guide. The online user manual teaches you how to use every feature. From how to use the modules, Divi library, premade layouts, and so on.

Divi also has many support channels to provide you with technical advice. If you encounter a problem, read Divi’s documentation. You can also ask a question in the user community, or contact Divi via online chat or messages.      

Divi Price 

Divi has a pricing structure to capitalize on. You can buy a yearly subscription and get access to Divi. On the other hand, you can purchase a lifetime license and get access to every Divi component and update. With the lifetime subscription, you can use Divi on an unlimited number of websites without ever having to pay annual renewal fees. 

  • Yearly Access – $89 – You will get access to Divi Builder, Divi and Extra WordPress themes, Bloom and Monarch plugins. You will also be able to use hundreds of website layout packs. Plus you will receive product updates and premium support. This package allows you to install Divi and use all the features in this plan on unlimited websites. This option is renewable every year. 
  • Lifetime Access – $249 – With forever access to Divi you get everything included in the Yearly access package. But you only pay a one-time flat fee and never again. 

If you are not satisfied you can get a refund within 30 days of purchasing Divi.

Try Divi WordPress Builder

02: Elementor WordPress Website Builder

best page builder for WooCommerce

Elementor Pro is a leading theme builder for WordPress.

Elementor Pro is an all-in-one solution to build top-notch sites. Gain control of your web design process. Get a great user experience with a visual design that is simple and flexible. Elementor helps you to create websites that are quick with an easy-to-use interface and building process. The developers at Elementor give you access to software to make pixel-perfect designs. Packed in the Elementor Pro application are tools to build responsive mobile layouts.

Get started with the Elementor Pro today.

Elementor Features 

Elementor’s Drag & Drop Editor and Theme Builder provide a great user experience. It is fast and simple. All you need to do is drag and drop elements into place to customize your website. With its live editing feature, you can see each modification in real-time – while styling. Customize the header and footer of your website. Create posts and page templates and archive pages layouts. 

Templates allow you to choose from over 300 premade layouts built for any industry. Elementor’s templates allow you to adapt posts and pages to build the exact effects you need for your niche. 

Widgets help you to raise the bar of your website design process. You can add widgets to better advance and customize your design. Widgets include basic features such as headlines, buttons, video, forms. Also, you can add advanced features such as sliders, animated headlines, testimonial carousels, author boxes, post navigation, and woo-commerce elements. 

Popup Builder allows you to create elements that would grab visitors’ attention. This plugin allows you to create fly-ins, full screen, hello bars, bottom bars, slide-ins, and more. Elementor Popup Builder Plugin is an all-in-one targeting and generating leads application. Use it to gain repeat visitors and create alerts for users. 

WooCommerce Builder allows you to reject the classic WooCommere layouts. You can control, create and customize your online store. Create and edit custom design product pages and layouts. 

To learn more about Elementor Pro Builder Plugin features visit the website

Elementor Reviews 

See changes in real-time. Live Editing makes design fun. It allows a visual design experience to see your web design workflow.

Set up alerts to a new website update or encourage users to subscribe to your website. Elementor allows you to create various popups. If you would like to capture leads and increase conversions or make an announcement.

Need help and guidance Elementor have you covered. You can revert to the get started section which is a beginner’s guide to Elementor. To learn more about Elementor consult the blog. Watch videos and check out the website tutorial sections, knowledge base, and FAQ.

If all fails you can join the Elementor community or shoot a direct question to the developers. Elementor’s help center includes many options for you to get support. Use them when encountering problems with the software.

Elementor Pro Price 

All of Elementor Pro’s subscription options are annual. They only give you access within that year to support and updates.  

  • Personal – $ 49 – This a one site option that includes 50+ pro widgets, 300+ pro templates, theme builder, WooCommerce builder, popup builder, one-year support and updates. 
  • Plus – $99 – This package includes everything in the personal plan, but it is good for 3 sites. 
  • Expert – $199 – This is the most popular plan and includes everything in the personal plan but you can install Elementor on up to 1000 sites. 

New purchasers are guaranteed their money back within 30 days.

Try Elementor

03. Beaver Builder

white label WordPress page builder

Beaver Builder is both awesome and very popular.

With Beaver’s front-end editing, you can see your website changes as you go along. The builder is simple and comes with an incredible range of website themes. Are you a beginner or professional website designer? Beaver makes site customization better. Beaver is adaptable, well coded, lightweight, and makes website creation from scratch easy.

You can also create new pre-made templates and use them in various areas of your website. Exporting pre-made templates to another website is possible. When editing on the front end you can drag and drop features into your website pages. See your stellar layouts come to life right in front of your eyes. Beaver Builder’s top plan makes allowances for white labeling. It is one of the best website builders for WordPress developers

Get started with the Beaver Builder today.

Beaver Builder Features

Beaver Builder allows you to build column-based designs. Its algorithm helps with the precise positioning of text and images.

The Framework is the Beaver Builder WordPress theme. You can customize and adapt it to suit any kind of WordPress website.

WordPress Templates help you to create pages fast. All you need to do is choose a template. After finding the right template replace its contents to suit your website needs. Then click publish.

To learn more about Beaver Builder Plugin features visit the website

Beaver Builder Reviews

Beaver Builder and its WordPress theme is adaptable. You can build and customize any website your heart desires. Such as an eCommerce website, a blog, a professional website – possibilities are endless.

It is good for non-experts. Persons who have never coded and do not know HTML can use Beaver. With Beaver’s drag and drop builder, you can create custom pages and posts like a pro website developer.

To get help with Beaver you can join their community, submit a ticket, read their FAQ section and knowledgebase.

Beaver Builder Price

While they offer various pricing, options Beaver is somewhat expensive. There is other cheaper page builders alternative available, such as Divi. Here is Beaver’s pricing:

  • Standard – $99 – You will get unlimited sites, page builder plugin, support for 1 year and access to premium modules and templates.
  • Pro – $199 – For this option, you get everything mentioned above in the standard plan along with access to the Beaver Builder Theme and Multisite Capabilities.
  • Agency – $399 – This is a combination of the standard and pro features but your multisite capabilities allow super admins to override the Builder functions on a site by site basis. The Agency Package is more catered to developers as it also allows white labeling. You will be able to rename the Builder and edit core files.

Every year subscriptions are renewable. But there is an upside – you get a generous discount. In addition to this Beaver offers a 30-day refund policy.

Try Beaver Builder

04. Themify WordPress Site Builder

build your own WordPress website hassle-free.

Themify Builder helps you create WordPress websites

Themify’s drag-&-drop Builder comprises many built-in tools. Use them to create any kind of WordPress layout. Themify Builder includes tools for flexible, responsive styling. Get a more functional website by extending the builder with various add-ons. Join over 80000 customers and create responsive WordPress websites.

Themify platform offers you various pre-designed themes/layouts. Use them as-is or customize them to suit your desires. Create various kinds of websites to suit your niche. Set up an online store to join the e-commerce industry. With this drag and drop builder, knowing how to code is not a prerequisite to building a website yourself. Think of it as a puzzle. You assemble pieces of blocks and elements to create beautiful layouts.

Get started with the Themify Builder today.

Themify Features

Themify Builder allows you to build a website using drag and drop methods. You can create websites with various features. Whether your layout would need parallax scrolling, animation, videos, sliders, Themify have you covered.

Builder Addons allows you to extend your website layout. You can include extra website features such as maps, contact forms, pricing tables, woo-commerce, galleries.

Along with Themify’s flagship Ultra theme, there are many other versatile ones to choose from. You can adapt Themify Themes as you see fit to suit any niche.

Get access to various plugins to supplement your website structure. Add events to your site, showcase your work/products in portfolios, or turn visitors into subscribers with pop-ups. Integrate an announcement bar on your website. It is a helpful property to alert visitors about a new product, deal, or whatever you need them to know. You can also create custom post types using the Post Type Builder.

To learn more about Themify Builder Plugin features visit the website

Themify Reviews

Themify comes packed with several themes along with the builder and many plugins. This allows you to create beautiful and engaging websites.

You can learn more about using Themify using the documentation and FAQ section.

If you encounter an issue with any of Themify components ask for help. Get help for your issues and questions using the support forum or via email.

Themify Price

You can choose a pricing plan that suits you. Themify pricing includes a Single Theme plan where you can purchase individual themes. The Master Club option affords you yearly access to various Themify components. The most expensive package is the Lifetime Club which gives permanent access.

  • Single Themes – $59 – You can buy one theme and receive support and updates for one year. Each theme comes with Themify’s Builder.
  • Masters Club – $89 – Gain access for one year to support and updates along with 42 themes with Photoshop files, 12 plugins, 25 builder add-ons, and 5 post type builder add-ons.
  • Lifetime Club – $249 – Become a member for life and never pay a yearly subscription. You will receive lifetime access to all themes, add-ons, plugins, support, and updates.

Paid members can use Themify on unlimited sites and get updates and support. If you are not a happy purchaser you get a full refund within 30 days of membership.

Try Themify Builder

05. SiteOrigin Page Builder

popular WordPress page creator plugin

SiteOrigin Page Builder is simple.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is a popular web page design WordPress plugin. With various widgets, you are able to build column-based layouts. Your website will be mobile-friendly and adapt to various devices. SiteOrgin’s interface is easy to understand. Thus, in a short while, you can create responsive websites. The builder adds more elements to enhance the WordPress editor.

Get started with the SiteOrigin Page Builder today.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Features

Rely on Page Builder’s drag and drop interface to design your web pages. Generate SEO-friendly layouts to entice users and make search engines happy.

Widgets Bundle consists of various applications to add more features to your website. There are many widgets to choose from. You can activate those you need and turn off the others.

Visual CSS Editor allows designers to change the look of their site. You can see the changes in real-time. Both beginners and advanced users would enjoy this CSS editor. SiteOrigin CSS is not only a simple visual control, but it is also very analytical too. It works with other WordPress themes. It examines and analyzes that theme’s stylesheet and allows you to edit the CSS syntax.

SiteOrigin Installer manages all other SiteOrgin’s plugins and compatible themes. When using SiteOrgin you do not have to upload the individual plugins. Select the plugins and themes you would like to use from the Site Origin Installer. Once you find the ideal ones download and install them.

SiteOrgin does create themes. But they tend to also feature other WordPress theme options that are compatible.

Site Origin Premium is a combination of applications that enhances Site Origin products. It gives you a full experience, improves features, and adds more functionality. Some add-ons that come with Premium are custom post type builder, woo-commerce templates, contact forms, and many more.

To learn more about SiteOrigin Page Builder Plugin features visit the website

SiteOrigin Page Builder Review

Site Origin’s WordPress builder is lightweight. This makes it easy to optimize and load content faster. Google loves a fast-loading website.

The ability to deactivate widgets, not in use allows you to reduce the size of your website. This aids page rendering performance.

Need help on how to use SiteOrgin or if you encounter a problem. You can contact SiteOrigin. The blog and a community support forum also provide assistance.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Price

Site Origin offers multisite subscriptions. You can register for a yearly membership or single-year license.

  • Single – $29 – use on one single site.
  • Business – $49 – install on up to 5 websites.
  • Developer – $99 – integrate on unlimited sites.

Paid members get up-to-date email support and plugin updates. SiteOrgin offers a 60-day refund guarantee.

Try Page Builder by SiteOrigin

06. Visual Composer Website Builder

undemanding WordPress layout builder

Visual Composer Website Builder is easy.

Visual Composer empowers you to create the website you always craved. It contains all the components you need to build a high-performing functional site. Coding is a time-consuming task. Visual Composer affords you the competitive edge of saving time. Visual Composer website builder features a drag and drop editor and a theme builder. Also, content elements, allow you to add many features to your website layout.

Get started with the Visual Composer Website Builder today.

Visual Composer Website Builder Features

Drag and drop editor and Theme Builder assist in making a unique site that stands out. Use the front-end editor to see all the changes you make up close and personal. Create unique headers and footers, custom page layouts, dynamic content, and block templates.

Content elements allow you to add many features to your site. Add buttons, media, sliders, call to action, and social modules to your layout. You will also be able to enhance WooCommerce by using content elements.

Visual Composer Templates that are modern and well crafted. Pick a template and pull elements from one area of the canvas to the next. Rearrange content on existing templates. Put them together and create the look you envision for your site.

Visual Composer Hub is a marketplace for the application. It contains free and premium content elements, templates, and extensions.

To learn more about Visual Composer Website Builder Plugin features visit the website

Visual Composer Website Builder Review

Visual Composer works well for simple website layouts.

You are able to build mobile and responsive layouts. This feature is automatic. Control how your site will display across devices.

No technical website design skills are necessary. If you are a rookie and far from a tech-savvy individual you can rely on Visual Composer.

To resolve any issue with Visual Composer browse the website help center and FAQ section or submit a ticket.

Visual Composer Website Builder Price

As an active member of Visual Composer Premium, you will receive support. In addition to access to every new feature released and updates.

  • Single Website – $59 – This is good to create one website for your business. It also includes 200+ elements, 100+ templates, 5+ add-ons, the theme builder, 1-year premium updates and support and a 40% renewal discount.
  • 3 Websites – $149 – This package includes everything in the Single Website plan but you can power up to 3 sites.
  • Developers – $349 – This option is for web development agencies. It includes everything in the Single Website package but you can install it on up to 1000 websites.

Visual Composer offers 15 days of new purchase 100% money-back guarantee. To capitalize on the 40% renewal discount there is a catch. You must renew your plan no later than 2 weeks after your subscription license ends.

Try Visual Composer Website Builder

WordPress Page Builders Compared

Website builders that use WordPress are generally responsive and mobile-friendly. The best ones use drag and drop editing that users can see on the front end in real-time. Theme builders’ pricing structures and features vary. You may still wonder which option best suits you. The answers to the frequently researched topics about WordPress website builders will help you.

Top WordPress Website Builders 

The best drag and drop website builders have simple interfaces and powerful features. DiviElementor, and Beaver are very popular and are among the best WordPress page builders. They all are complete packages with similar features that allow for professional designs. You can see your changes on the front end in real-time and edit WooCommerce. Get more for your buck with various plugins. See the rewards of increasing social engagement, subscription, and generating leads. Honorable mentions are Themify and SiteOrgin Page Builder.

Best Website Builders for WordPress Developers

Beaver Builder is a great option for WordPress developers. The Agency subscription package allows members to rebrand and edit the application. Its white labeling features are very attractive for developers.

Divi and Themify lifetime subscription options are ideal for developers. With lifetime membership you are permanent members and will receive support and updates forever. Developers can install, integrate and use Divi and Themify on unlimited websites with lifetime access.

ElementorDivi, and Themify are great for WordPress designers to build professional layouts. Divi builds executive-style static websites, but they have incorporated dynamic functions too.

Divi and Elementor WordPress website builders will prove you are not an amateur. They allow you to create great-performing websites for clients.

Best Ecommerce Website Builders WordPress

WooCommerce is a premium online store platform for WordPress. It comes in a standard package and is free. But it does not allow users to customize pages and product layouts with ease. That is why developers of website builders are adding this feature.

Divi and Elementor allow you to redo WooCommerce’s generic and to a great degree boring page and product layouts. You age given the freedom to customize your online store in a modern and appealing way.

Best Free WordPress Website Builders

Yes, you can get drag and drop WordPress theme builders for free. We live in an expensive world. Even if you are unable to relax your budget you can still build a beautiful website using theme builders.

Matter of fact many of the WordPress builders already mentioned have free versions. ElementorPage Builder by SiteOrigin, and Beaver Builder all have freemium options. They are by far the best free WordPress page builders. If your website requires more functionality you can purchase premium plans instead.

Closing: Why Should You Buy WordPress Website Builders?

This was a list of the best drag-and-drop WordPress website builders to create beautiful and professional website designs without having to hire a website designer. Entrepreneurs are busy and often under budget. Therefore, they try to be as self-sufficient as possible. This means that they do as much of their business strategy as possible themselves. Thus, many would want to know: What is an easy way to build a website? The answer is that you can use page builders for WordPress. Combine various web design aspects to make your sites user-friendly, responsive, and appealing. This allows you the versatility of creating beautiful and professional websites to suit your enterprise.

  1. Divi Builder – best drag and drop WordPress page builder.
  2. Elementor – best page builder for WooCommerce.
  3. Beaver Builder – white label WordPress page builder pricing plan.
  4. Themify Builder – build your own WordPress website with this plugin.
  5. Page Builder by SiteOrigin – popular WordPress page creator plugin.
  6. Visual Composer Website Builder – an undemanding WordPress layout builder.

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